Muffle Furnaces-  900,1000,1200,1450c
​Chamber Furnace
​Hot Air Ovens
BOD Incubators
​Humidity Chambers
Hot Plates
Water Baths
Arbitrary Shaker 
​Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

​Laboratory Instruments

Temperature Controller

Indicators & Controllers Thermocouples and RTDs- pt 100

Sequential Timer Card- 10channel

Process Instrumentation & Engineering Co.
​A brand name for Manufacturing Laboratory and Process Instruments

Process Instrumentation & Engineering Co. deals with Manufacturing, Dealership, Repair & Designing Laboratory, Process Monitoring and Control Instruments 

"With new innovations and dedicated tech personnel we  are embracing high quality raw materials and custom made techno products. We assure reliable sales and service with our technical expertise on the broad range of products delivered"

Process Monitoring Instruments

Our Major/Primary Instruments include

Our Foundation

​From years together , our firm has been delivering quality deliveries with strategic planning that are both visually dynamic and qualified. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients. We apply sound principles of design using our technical expertise gained over the years for custom designed products to meet customer needs.